Slow living fashion – does it tell you something? If so, you will definitely want to check out the exclusive line of JERRY SHEPHERD women’s and men’s clothing. If not, then we invite you for a short journey around our world, during which we will tell you about the most important assumptions of the brand and what we follow when creating each of the collections.

JERRY SHEPHERD – who are we?

Our brand was founded quite recently, in 2019. We try to create collections of elegant women’s and men’s clothes that combine unique elements: love of nature, tradition and timeless design. We believe that exclusive clothing should be consistent with the assumptions of slow fashion. “Less is better” – this one sentence defines the foundations of our philosophy. We promote the idea of conscious buying among customers, i.e. choosing clothes made of good materials, sourced with respect for nature, which, unlike serial products, serve the consumer for many years. What counts for us is not only the exclusive, but also universal appearance of clothing; the high quality of fabrics from which it is made is also important.

Why is it worth buying elegant JERRY SHEPHERD clothing?

Mainly because of the quality. We know that many designers praise their exclusive clothing collections in this way, but in our case these are not just words. We only choose yarns that ensure not only a beautiful look of a shirt or sweater, but also their durability. We sew our elegant women’s and men’s clothes mainly from natural fabrics from Italy, Spain, Greece, the Czech Republic and Poland. We always check our business partners to be absolutely sure that exclusive JERRY SHEPHERD clothes will not harm nature. Thanks to the use of appropriate yarns, we can offer elegant women’s and men’s clothes made in accordance with the idea of sustainable development.

Exclusive women’s clothing for self-conscious women

For all ladies who are familiar with slow fashion, we can offer collections of elegant women’s clothes … with a soul. Why do we say that our dresses or T-shirts are unique? No other company designs elegant women’s clothing that is characterized by a minimalist, yet expressive design. We are looking for inspiration for our exclusive women’s collections in nature, the greatest artist known to mankind. In each project you can see harmony, the spirit of nature and a passion for a simple lifestyle.

The line of elegant women’s clothes JERRY SHEPHERD is characterized by a minimalist design and simplicity of cuts. We reach for classic colors: white, beige, gray, green, black and pastel shades. On dresses or women’s T-shirts you will find embroidery decorations or elegant prints. Each of the products presented on the website can be a base element of any styling – and that’s what we mean!

For free spirits – elegant men’s clothes

Our assortment includes exclusive men’s clothing designed for men who know what they want in life. We do not create random clothes – each of the products presented on has been designed in such a way as to create a coherent whole with other elements of men’s clothing. So here you will find classic casual shirts, simple T-shirts with decorative embroidery, elegant merino wool sweaters or timeless trench coats perfect for colder days. The exclusive men’s clothing of JERRY SHEPHERD is a combination of two features: impeccable quality materials and universal design. It is thanks to these factors that our collections are so eagerly chosen by self-confident men who expect something original from fashion; something that allows them to express their self, but not in an ostentatious way.

Exclusive lines of men’s clothing inspired by nature are our idea to encourage you to make more conscious shopping, focus on quality (not quantity) and follow the slow life philosophy in your life!

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