For our love for each-other and the religion we grew up in we created JERRY SHEPHERD – a brand which is honest and balanced, open and environment friendly at every stage of the operation. 

JERRY SHEPHERD is a fashion and lifestyle that praises slowliving, awareness and meaningfulness. Our goal is to create aesthetic and universal appreals, timeless and durable models, where each item has its own special place. Our design ethos focuses not only on mindful sourcing and impeccable quality, but also on variety, spirituality, and unassailability. We create lines of women’s and men’s clothing, conceptualize our inspirations, everything from beauty and lifestyle, with inspirations that show us the clothing side of fashion.


Expressive and versatile wardrobe, showing the delicate and poetic nature of the JERRY SHEPHERD brand, we invite you to become the creator of your own culture: in harmony with yourself, with what you believe, with what is most important to you. Traditions, stories and a passion for the right lifestyle have made us create products that will provide a sense of freedom. 

JERRY SHEPHERD is a very unified brand, with a reasonable approach to fashion for all people of the world. The brand name JERRY SHEPHERD comes from one of the visits – Jeremiah Adeyinka Ajisope, where the name Adeyinka means Shepherd in Yoruba. The co-owner of the brand is Edyta Ajisope – his wife and business partner.

We invite you to join #TribeShepherd to discover the beauty of mindfulness through fashion.

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